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Hurco VM1 won't run programs


Apr 25, 2022
Hey guys and gals. I just bought my very first (non hobby) machine, a 2008 hurco VM1. I'm trying to run my first program with .HNC from fusion 360, but when I import it and go into auto mode and select the program, everything is grayed out! Any help here would be greatly appreciated! :)


Feb 7, 2007
Aberdeen, UK
First and foremost, .HNC is the file extension for BNC format programs for older ultimax controls. Make sure you are using a suitable post processor for your machine, which most likely has a Winmax control, and very likely uses the ISNC standard. It's possible that your machine is configured to use BNC format gcode, as ISNC is/was sold as an option, but it was an option that was almost always included. The file extension for ISNC programs is .FNC.

Second, if that's nothing to do with it, you will not be able to run a program in auto mode if the machine has not been calibrated (homed).