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Hurco VM10i or VM20i opinons


Aug 30, 2009
Benton, Arkansas
What is consensous of the new 2024 VM10i or 20i. I either going to buy a new 10i or I have found a low hour 2017 20i with 4th axis for good price.
Im also looking at a hurco. I wanted a vm30i but couldnt find any good used ones. I in the middle of purchasing a 20i and feel like its a good deal. It is a very large machine in person though! Throughout my purchase process I did find out that Hurco is having some very substantial deals on new machines right now. I was quoted a brand new vm20i for mid to high 70's. Base machine though. I guess it depends on how large of parts you want to do. 40" in x seems like a lot more than 26" :)