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Hwacheon HI-TECH 230 y axis interlock


Apr 7, 2022
Dear all,

I know it is a long shot but can anyone give me an advice on following issue?

We have 2021 sub spindle hwacheon with fanuc i series. I encountered issue with tool probe arm and y axis. When i advance tool probe arm and measure my tool everything is ok but somehow my machine y axis is not exactly at 0 position. when i try to retract the arm it wont allow me because the y axis is not exactly at 0. However i cant move my y axis to ref position because i assume with tool probe advanced there is an interlock. On fanuc screen i see there is small green I letter next to y axis which I assume is interlock . Any advice for me? Is thee perhaps fanuc or mcp parameter that allows me to baypass this interlock?

Thank you,