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Hydraulic Chuck Spring Cleaning


Cast Iron
Sep 28, 2004
Californias Central Coast
Hello All, I've decided to sell 3 hydraulic lathe chucks that I've never got around to using. They are all 200/210 mm or about 8 inch chucks and all are rated to 6000/6300 rpm. I picked all 3 of these chucks up at a machine tool dealers auction about 10 years ago and none of them had much time on them. I had grand plans of putting them into service at a later date...but alas time has come and gone and as most you know the best of plans don't always come to fruition. Now it's time to cull the herd. I will package each chuck in a small wooden crate to be shipped either UPS or FedEx.

Here is the first;
Schunk 2 Jaw Rota NCD 210-66, $750.00 plus shipping
Schunk 2.jpg
Schunk 3.jpg
Schunk 1.jpg