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Hypro Pump - DOALL C-8 Band saw


Apr 8, 2008
Southeast USA
Long shot, I know, but does anyone know a source for an old (or new equivalent) roller pump from Hypro out of MN (now owned by Pentair ... they were no help)

Back in the day it was their model 612 ... it was used as a pulley drive pump to run coolant on a Doall C-8 bandsaw -- we have the saw, pump is missing,,,know we can work around it, but just wondered if something stock-ish was out there?

Attached is the drawing of the pump from Doall -- also attached is a catalog page and it looks like the 2nd from right on bottom row (showing an 812...we need a 612 (looks like it has an extra bearing/oiler?

Many thanks!


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Those aren't roller, as the ad says they're rubber impellers that flexed in the eccentric bore. We had one come through the shop once years ago, but the impeller was shot and no replacement parts were available even then.