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Hyundai L4000LMC Interpolation Accuracy


Dec 10, 2017
I have a 2023 L4000LMC from Hyundai that we are trying to interpolate 1.125" holes on a bolt circle on a flange using a 1/2" or 3/4" end mill. We are only getting roundness of about .03" which is horrible.
The local retailer is telling me that the C on these machines is only for indexing and cannot interpolate a hole and if I wanted to do that we needed a Y-axis.

I'm a bit confused by this as I have seen machines with this configuration interpolate a hole using X and C just fine before and I'm not looking for much (like .005 roundness would be great which at this diameter equates to .01 degree accuracy aka not great).

My hole is not even just oval but also notchy if thats a way to explain that, we have the C-axis brake on low while interpolating as it should be to attempt to improve accuracy but it's not made it any better.

I sort of anticipated that while using the C-axis brake on low, and it having a gear box that it would be able to use the encoders to measure where its actually in C and X and account for any backlash in the gears.

Anyone else have a machine like this, is this what is to be expected?