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I Found A Feature of the New BB Software


Nov 23, 2003
Beaumont, TX, USA
While getting used to the new BB software I noticed something that I missed. In the old version I would click on the "TOP" button at the end of each page. That brought me to the top where I could click on the name of the board that I was in to return to the main page. But that button was missing in this new version. It wasn't so bad as now we can click on the board's name at the bottom of the page to immediately go there (as in "General" to go to the General main page).

But I still missed the button to return to the top. Then I was scrolling upwards and I noticed that a blue button with an upward pointing arrow appeared at the bottom right side of the screen. And when I clicked on it I instantly was brought all the way to the top of the page. This is better than the old way because I/you can summon that blue arrow from anywhere on the page, not just at the bottom.

So to quickly return to the top or to the main page of the individual board, just hit the scroll wheel on your mouse once and then click on the blue arrow that appears.

Some time ago (years actually) I had complained to the company that writes the BB software about that button and how you had to scroll through a list of all the boards to get to the one you wanted. Perhaps someone actually listened. Just perhaps...