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I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

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Oh....Chy-Na are getting it from Russia but Shusshhhhhhh..... :rolleyes5:
or India. Nord Stream 1 stopped gas transmission due to the fact that the turbines begin to require maintenance. Siemens dodge repairs, but they dug into their own sanctions and are afraid to violate them, but still continue to blame Gazprom. and yes, Nord Stream 2 is waiting for Europe to approve it, but for some reason this does not happen
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The politics of whose fault Ukraine was are not relevant to machining or manufacturing. Any further posts that are off topic will be deleted .

"War is nothing but a continuation of politics". (Von Clauswitz)
....And some may opine that war in Ukraine, and who the players are is quite relevant to machining and manufacturing considering the $Billions in dollars being spent on war material. It's all about the money and how it applies to manufacturing whether it's 'PPP' money, or tax incentives for a machine purchase, or direct subsidy by the gov't. It's all about politics and I'd say that it's pretty much impossible to avoid discussing the impact of the Russo-Ukraine war on manufacturing without touching on politics.

Move aluminum production to Spain and operate at night when, according to posts on PM, electricity is virtually free.
How is the price of aluminum and stainless steel doing? The war has had a big effect on that. I have had this weird recent run where everything I have gotten an order for in the last couple months has been made from stock on hand. Of course business has been on the slow side in that time period.
The worst is that I keep reading statements from European leaders that not only this winter but the next 5 to 10 years will be tough. Clearly that goes beyond the current situation which should eventually be resolved and gets into phase out of fuels and phase in of zero carbon" alternatives and perhaps also deliberate actions as part of The Great Reset.
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The Ukraine thing is a monumental example of stupidity from EU politicians - bowing to US pressure.

The US wanted to expand NATO to ukraine, and have US bases right next to Moscow.
With nuke capability, and like always no accountability.

This was obviously a total red line to Moscow, which they communicated to washington, and the US reportedly walked out of talks 5 times over 2 years.

The US wanted to sell LNG and avoid the russians getting closer to germany with the NS2 gas pipeline.
Russia selling natgas at 1/3 the price of tanker deliveries (US or others).
And no US lives would be lost in fighting, and no US treasure would be spent, and massive US arms sales w/could follow.
?? What could possibly go wrong ?

So, now, there is a massive energy and money crisis in the EU.
Energy crises = massive job losses, lost business productivity, lost economic opportunity.
70.000 people gathered in germany a week ago to protest against the (stupid) sanctions.

Ukraine has lost about 40% of economic output.
A lot of EU has lost a lot of economic output - but how much is still unclear.
Perhaps 5%.
There is a global famine threat of some (10%) level.

The russian president mr Putin has record approval ratings, and the russian economy has record cash due to higher energy = oil prices.
60% of russian exports are oil.
They sell oil at 10-30$ / barrel discount vs brent to china and india et al, but still make bank.

Russia has needed and managed to make their own credit card systems, bank payment systems, et al.
They are vastly less dependant on the global community than before the (stupid, unnecessary, avoidable) war.

EU gas prices are 2€/l == 10 US $ / gallon.
For many, most, this is a crippling impossible situation.

In history, like the weimar germany republic, crippling economic conditions have always been met with a backlash.
Same with carthage in history, or argentina a few decades ago. Or greece a few years ago.

If the EU popula in mass come to associate the US with cold houses and no heating and their grandmas dying --
it will not be pretty.
And I am speaking of economic effects, alone.
1/3 of US exports go to the EU.
Should these be reduced by just 20%, most of the US top 100 companies doing exports would go under.

The top 500 in nasdaq, employing umpteen million people.
Manufacturing and export companies make about 6-8% according to their 10Q, and a 20% reduction in revenue topline will kill them.

If the EU popula cannot heat their houses, they will certainly buy much less US disney and netflix and hollywood.
1/3 of US EU exports are hollywood as in entertaintment iirc.

Right now the EU popula (30-40%) are living in never-never land like in the pandemic, on a credit card, they have no hope of ever paying off at 10-20%.
In august all flights were fully booked and hotels had record occupancy at 2-5x normal prices.
A 600€ flight cost 3000€.
As maggie (Margeret Thatcher, once UK PM, xxx -- quite smart) said the problem with other peoples money is that You eventually run out of it.

I have zero clue as to what will happen - bur history indicates that the Ukrainian puppet Zelensky is likely to be removed, the status quo to be negotiated, and energy supplies restored.
This might indeed drag on for many months or a year. Perhaps.
Terrible for europe. Good for the US arms industry, but terrible for the US manufacturing economy.
to the article about the red lines. you can remember from the recent what kind of hysteria the United States and Australia threw when China wanted to build a base on the Marshall Islands. now look on the map where the marshall islands and australia or the usa))
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There was absolutely NO EXPANSION OF NUCLEAR CAPABILITY in Europe ( or on any of the other continents ), just as NATO has promised in multiple agreements and signed treaties!
Not a single one!!!

As far as concerns about the so called NATO expansion by your ilk, it is pretty fucking easy and convenient to be thousands of miles away from one ( any one ) of the possible aggressors that can wipe your ass out in Spain and spew stupidity, but it's a whole lot different for those that were under the thumb of the USSR for some 30+ years!
naive nonsense
Yes, he / she does what it's required.
No, he/she is clueless for the most part.
Only opinion that decides whether she's good or bad.
There is no freedom of speech in the US and saying anything can be dangerous. for example, about covid or war in the wrong key of the current agenda
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Yes, he / she does what it's required.
No, he/she is clueless for the most part.
Only opinion that decides whether she's good or bad.
"Yes, he / she does what it's required."

So, the mod does what is required ie enforce the RULES and you want them to go further, presumably by censoring "politically incorrect" opinions and facts.

If that is not what you meant by all means please explain further and correct any mis-perceptions.
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