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I need help with my G code


Feb 8, 2021
So when I put my code in the lathe (Haas cnc lathe) I get the error "603 Non-monotonoic pq blocks in z" and I don't know how to fix it. this is my code. the error occurs at N11

N1 G28;
N2 T101;
N3 G50 S2600;
N4 G97 S1000 M03;
N5 G96 S1000;
N6 G54 G00 X2.0 M08;
N8 G01 X-0.06 F0.01;
N9 G00 Z0.01;
N10 G00 X1.5 M01 (END OF FACING);
N11 G71 P12 Q19 U0.02 W0.02 D0.1 F0.01 (START OF CANNED CYCLE);
N12 G00 X0.5 Z0.1 F0.01;
N13 G01 Z-0.94 F0.01;
N14 G02 X0.62 Z-1.0 R0.06 F0.01;
N15 G01 X0.875 Z-1.1275 F0.01;
N16 G01 Z-2.0 F0.01;
N17 G03 X1.375 Z-2.25 R0.25 F0.01;
N18 G01 Z-3.7 F0.01;
N19 G01 X1.5 F0.01 (END OF CANNED CYCLE);
N20 G00 Z0.1;
N21 G28;
N22 T202;
N23 G00 Z0.1;
N24 G00 X0.5;
N25 G01 Z-0.94 F0.006(START OF FINISH CUT);
N26 G02 X0.62 Z-1.0;
N27 G01 X0.875 Z-1.1275;
N28 G01 Z-2.0;
N29 G03 X1.375 Z-2.25;
N30 G01 Z-3.7 (END OF FINISH CUT);
N31 G01 X1.5;
N32 G00 Z0.1;
N33 G40 X1.5;
N34 G97 S1000;
N35 G28;
N36 T404;
N37 G00 X1.4 Z-3.625 M08 (START CUTOFF);
N38 G50 S600 M03;
N39 G01 X-0.06 F0.006;
N40 G00 X1.5;
N41 G28;
N42 G97 M09 (END CUTOFF);
N43 T101;
N44 M30;

You are at Z.01 before the canned cycle and the first move you make inside it is Z.1 then Z-.94

Can't move different directions in Z.