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I screwed up a trigger pin hole- a fix?


Oct 23, 2010
Maryland- USA
Ok I’m an idiot.
I picked up a Cylinder & Slide trigger for my BHP and installed it.
The trigger came with a very slightly undersize pivot hole and as I was reaming it to size I went very slightly oversized.
It’s not more in fact than the fit on the original trigger which was in the gun but it gripes me that I was distracted while doing the work and overshot the fit.

Is there any reasonable fix?
-I could buy a new trigger and try it again.
-Leave well enough alone as it all functions fine.
-Peen the trigger to tighten up the fit on pin.
-Do some sort of plating to close up the fit.
-Get a larger pin/ream frame to tighten up things. (Really reluctant with this one..).

****Leave well enough alone****

I really get put out by these minute misses when I am doing work so I would like to recover but…
I am not seeing a simple fix here.


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have you measured the hole size vs the pin so you know how much "tightening" is needed?

There might even be a Loctite product that could be used to add a few thousandths to the holes and would wear well.

Another solution might be Tix low temperature solder which would not draw the temper of the hardened surfaces.
+ 1 for peening over the edge of the holes. A slight reduction in the material thickness around the hole from the displacement won't hurt anything.
So the trigger pin on this Browning Hi Power is .1182"
The specification for that pin is .117" so no doubt the Cylinder & Slide trigger was reamed for the OEM pin.

This gun is one of the Israeli military buy-backs and it is my understanding that these guns have a number of build requests to FN which make them a bit of an oddball.
This is a mid eighties type II BHP.

So I reamed the trigger pivot hole to .12" so I am .0018" oversized on the hole.
Not much eh but on this small bore it tosses the nice slip fit to the wind but... is exactly the clearance in the original trigger pin of this pretty much unfired gun.

So worth messing with it to close up that clearance a bit?
What size ball bearing is used on a hole this size?
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