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Identification of old Clark Forklift


May 1, 2023
Hello all,

Rebuilding a Clark forklift where the only stamped number on the frame ( front right outside ) is 'B.57'
Engine is a Continental F124A4
Wheels are plain rubber, 21x7x15 front, 15 1/2 ×6 ×10 rear.
Double tilt cylinders
Dashboard in top front of oil tank.
I've made a maximum of detail pics to help for identification.
Engine, as allways with those indistructible Continentals runs very well and smoothly.
Hydraulic works also, but, have to change all flexibles and cilinder seals for operation security...

Kind regards to all!

Fabrice from Belgium


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Dec 21, 2012
Brisbane Qld Australia
Cant see clearly,but I think you have the two side counterweights missing.......very common with these ,but severely limits the lift stability.............the machine is from the 1950s ,and I think your best chance is from a Clark forklift collectors group ,or an old machinery restoration group.


Oct 29, 2017
It looks a lot like my old Clark Y20B from 1969. Maybe yours is a slightly older model? Hard to say because the one in the pictures looks like it is in really rough shape, and mine was somewhat modified.