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IEMCA Master 865 bar feeder troubleshooting


Jul 1, 2022
I run a Doosan Puma TT1800SY fed by said IEMCA Master bar feeder, and it has a consistent feed problem that I'm trying to diagnose. The parts are machined on the first side with 3" stick out, then a pusher in the upper turret comes down, and the bar feeder is supposed to push against the turret to feed into position for the center. Instead, when the collet opens, a message appears on the feeder's keyboard indicating feed stop (with number 5 on the top line if that helps) and the bar sits while the pusher moves alone. After the pusher has finished moving, we hit the machine's feed stop and the pusher starts pushing again, so it just rams the material against the turret. I think this is a terrible way to treat the machine, but so far maintenance hasn't come up with anything except "it's a programming issue" with no solution given.

For context, if you open the collet with the machine at idle, the feeder will push stock all the way across the machine envelope and ram the center in the sub spindle. It only halts motion during a programmed g-code collet opening while running. We have three other machines with the same setup that don't act the like that.

I get the feeling there is a parameter in the machine or bar feeder that is inverted, and switching that will correct this issue. This machine was moved here from out of state before I started at this company, and has been continuous in the eight or so months since that transition.