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Iemca Master 880/MP bar feeder emergency error help


Sep 20, 2022

I am new to this site.

I recently purchased a used Mazak QTN Nexus 200 MS which came with an Iemca Master 880/MP TYPE 38LL bar feeder. Its a bit of jump in the deep end for a bloke with no cnc experience but I keen to work it all out.

I have hit a bit of a snag. Error 18 ''bar feeder emergency'' is displayed on the bar feeder controller. The manual that came with the machine does not appear to be of any help

According to the manual for the later model automatic bar feeder with hydraulic suspension page 56 mentions the below causes for this error message.

  • An emergency button has been pushed. The emergency buttons were not pushed originally however I pushed and released them a few times but nothing seemed to change. I also checked for closed and open circuit as the buttons were cycled and they appeared to be working fine.

  • There is an emergency signal from the lathe. The lathe says the alarm is coming from the bar feeder so it doesn't look like the lathe has the problem.

  • There is an open guard in the lathe. The only safety switch on the bar feeder that I am aware of is the one for the large lid that needs to be opened to load the bar feeder. I tested this for closed and open circuit and it appeared to be working okay. Maybe there is another safety switch I am not aware of that could cause this alarm? As mentioned It does not appear to be caused by a missing safety guard on the lathe as the lathe says the alarm is coming from the bar feeder.
I have not put oil in the bar feeder tank as I would like to open up the channel clamps so I can remove the channels and clean the machine out before put clean oil in it. Also it would be handy to confirm the lathe runs before purchasing 80 liters or more of oil for the bar feeder. I would not imagine I would be getting this alarm due to the lack of oil as there does not appear to be a level sensor and its not mentioned in the list of remedies for this error.

I have tried the reset button on the bar feeder but it didn't seem to do anything.

Do you have any ideas on how this could be fixed? Any help would be appreciated.
That sounds like a new enough unit that I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that it would have an oil level sensor (or oil pressure sensor) somewhere. And if so, I am sure that would hold up the 8ball.

I have no experience and am trying to get my Iemca's figgered out as well, but mine have oil...


Think Snow Eh!
No experience with Iemcas, but most loaders won't come out of E-stop without compressed air at the right pressure.

Will your lathe come out of E-stop?

Do you have electrical schematics for the Iemca? You may have to follow the E-stop circuit to see what is causing your alarm.
Thanks for your replies Ox Diamond and Hot rolled. The bar feeder and lathe are 2004 models. I'll have a look into the pressure switch. It would be a bit surprising if it didn't have something to stop it from running dry. It doesn't appear to have a oil level sensor unless it hidden in the pump.

It comes up with a air pressure alarm when there is no air pressure. I'll check that it is set at the correct pressure though.
I don't think there is an electrical schematics drawing in the manual but I may be able to track one down. The lathe only has one alarm ''245 bar feeder controller Malf ''