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Iemca Mini Boss 325 - Sudden Loading Issue?


Aug 27, 2002
Northwest Ohio
Not sure what is happening here.
Maybe some of you have seen this before?

Just - all of a sudden, the pusher is out of place.

It has pulled and stripped the remnant just fine.
The new bar (1/4") seems to be in the right place.
But the pusher is out of it's [semi] locked position, and closes down on the bar.

I'm not sure how it is getting out of position.
The channel that it rides in is in it's correct position, so IDK how the pusher is FWD of that slot?

It has done it almost every time since it started it a cpl days ago.

I need to have eyes on it sometime when it changes bars I guess.
Just not been there yet...





I am Ox and I approve this here post!
I finally got my eyeballs on the problem, and it was all me...

I have built a sleeve that scoops up smaller bars in the larger channels, and the set screw had come loose, and it had slid (or maybe was sliding) out a bit, and that was catching the bar laying in the channel as it closed. Then as I opened the channel, the push rod would not slide back as normal, and was out of it's spot.

I normally was prying the pusher back with a bar before I was able to open it, and that would have pushed the sleeve back. But I started just leaving the magazine empty so that it wouldn't git bound up, and then I found this. You can see the sleeve has pulled out <.100", but enough to catch the bar just a smidge.


Maybe you can see how this sleeve helps the smaller pusher collet?
Not very easily in this pic, but the sleeve just slightly protrudes from the collet and is chamfered is all.
Has made all the difference in the world for this unit!
I have better pics of it in some other Iemca thread somewhere.


Think Snow Eh!