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Iemca Mini Boss 325


Aug 27, 2002
Northwest Ohio
Needing to decide how to position the machines. I was planning on having the machines out, and the barfeeder back up agginst the wall. But then today - running another swiss, but this one has an older FMB, I had to remove some bars the hard way, which entailed dragging them all the way out the back of the feeder, and then I got to thinkin'..... "that wouldn't work out too swell if the feeder was up agginst the wall. That could actually be a bit of a fiasco...."

I have never ran this Mini Boss unit, but it looks awfully "open" inside. Those of you that have these, doo you ever need to drag a bar out the back of the unit for any reason?

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I don't see why you would have to drag the bars out the back of the feeder. I don't have any Iemcas, but on my LNS and FMB feeders, if I need to remove a bar from the machine, I pull it back out of the spindle, open up the guide channel on the feeder, and pull the bar up out of the loader.

Nice looking machine, by the way. I have it's little brother. If you have any questions about it, let me know.
The scenario when I have had to pull bars out the back - is just from the feeder, not the machine it'self.

Typically if I drop 2 bars out of the magazine at once for whatever reason*, one of them needs to come out.
Sliding it out the back of the machine is a whole lot easier than removing everything from the magazine and then trying to push the one bar back uphill through the metering hardware.

A) Still adjusting the magazine metering hardware

B) Maybe some semi bent bars that don't lay well.


Think Snow Eh!
I have two of those hardinge lathes and that bar feeder model in my shop! I have also operated Tsugami with a Iemca Mini Boss 325 that was about 24" away from the wall, the senior machinist would often complain when the bar feeder jammed up (fairly common) about getting the push rod slipped out, The sheet rock wall was pock marked from bars hitting it, but to be fair this lathe had a lot of inattentive operators. The material is often more easy to get out, but working with the push rod if something goes wrong is where you will be thankful for the extra space in the back.

Please let me know if you need anything, I have a copy of the user manual for that bar feeder and lots of manuals for the hardinge.