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Iemca protected parameters


Cast Iron
Jan 12, 2012
indiana, usa
Working on getting a new to me Iemca working on my Citizen L25. Loader is a 2003 Boss 432 with the hand held pendant. When the bar finishes, the loader retracts and ejects the remnant fine. The new bar is dropped into the channels and then I get an alarm. Alarm 2, bar pusher wrong move. Book says possible binding and to check for free movement. Everything seems fine and I can switch to manual mode and load the bar, so that seems fine.

Looking through the parameters and found #51 is for first feeding. This is one of the protected parameters that I had to enter a code to even see. This parameter has 3 settings. 1st one for destination, 2nd one for speed, and 3rd for acceleration. The 3rd is set to 0 on this loader. I can not figure out how to change it, but seems like it is at least part of my issue. I tried arrowing down and pushing 0 like I have to do to edit the non-protected parameters, but that did not work. Anyone know the secret to change these?