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Implex did you have Chmer wire ?


Jun 23, 2002
Vancouver BC Canada
Hi Bob:
Yes I do.
It has been a good machine for me...a working Chevy but built like a tank.
I can work to a tenth on it with care, but I cannot split tenths.
Utterly reliable where it counts but goofily stupid in ways I never thought to consider when I bought it.

For example...low pressure air hoses to work things like the tank solenoids.
All rotted after a decade and were failing frequently, so all had to be replaced.
Knobs and buttons with sharp molding flash still on them , hurt to turn the knobs until I dressed the flash off.
Wire transport path with sharp edges in places that would shave the wire until I took it apart and polished the edges.

But massive ballscrews and linear rails...big enough for a VMC
Massive castings.
Nice, accurate orthogonality...better than I can measure with a granite square and a tenths clock.
Heidenhain glass scales (even though they were not initially plugged into the control...a service guy found that out by accident).

So I got exactly what I paid for...a Chevy that will get me where I want to go, but won't attract any young cute ones on the way.




Cast Iron
May 17, 2010
I will also add if that's okay - Chmers would probably be better in hands that already have some wire experience. Their cutting tech is not super well developed (way too aggressive in my experience) compared to the bigger machine brands, and knowing what power settings do what will be a big help.