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Impressive laser-assisted-machining optics lathe


Jul 6, 2006
Hillsboro, New Hampshire
Hi all,
Not sure if anyone's posted this video here before, but check out this very capable laser-lathe:

Micro LAM Overview 2016 - YouTube

Not sure the wavelength they're using (the HeNe beam shown seems to be just for alignment) or the wattage, but they're passing it through a single-crystal diamond cutting edge, and using the laser assist to soften what would normally be "unmachinable" materials into lenses and mirrors.

I first came across this tech more than 25 years ago at the BU Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing, but it's really cool to see it so well implemented.

Don't ignore the rest of the structure - air-hydrodynamic headstock and ways, likely accurate to nanometers.

Cost? Don't ask...