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Index model 45 adding servo power feed options


Feb 16, 2013
peoria illinois
Has anyone out there added servo power feed to an Index 45 mill? I'm thinking about buying one to add but foreseeing a couple issues. It seems most of these are intended to work with a 5/8" shaft like the Bridgeport machines. The left hand side of my table feed shaft does have a 5/8" portion and could be adapted fairly non invasively, but the controls for the power feed would then be on the back side of the unit. The right side of the shaft appears to be larger, but I have not disassembled yet (headed back out to the shop after typing this to do so).

It appears opening up the 5/8" bore size in the servo components would be an issue due to the needle bearing in the drive housing.

1 - Is anyone aware of other available servo drives that are compatible with larger shafts?
2 - Has anyone adapted one of these units for use on a model 45 and what approach did you take?
3 - Has anyone added any other form of power feed to one of these old mills?

2 links to units I'm looking at