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indramat 3trm2


Feb 9, 2021
I have sorted out wiring of indramat 3trm2. I have been working on my deckel maho retrofit and i was thinking if you could help me with a little problem. I have a 3trm2 drive connected with 3 motors (2 rated 200vdc and 1 rated 140vdc). I tried running them with an analog signal. Both 200vdc motors run fine. But the 140vdc motor burns its wire wound resistor. I tried changing the motor and the resistor but still the same result. I am attaching the wiring diagram for your reference. Here 10R1 is the resistor that keeps blowing up.Screenshot_2021-08-21-10-54-15-94.jpgScreenshot_2021-08-21-10-54-15-94.jpg