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Inexpensive Kluber grease supplier?


Apr 12, 2011
pennsylvania USA
Hello all;
I'm looking for a supplier of Kluber grease products, namely Isoplex Topas AK50, and Centoplex cx4 375 A4. An Agie Tech mentioned that he thought there was a cheaper supplier, he thought mayber in Jersey(?), but couldn't recall the name. Anybody have any input?
Worth a shot but I was traveling through NH on vacation a couple years ago and stopped at Kluber hoping to get some technical literature. Got nothing in person, nor did they ever send me anything. I was astounded at their lack of desire to sell anything. Precision Spindle OTOH has been super helpful and friendly whenever I've called.
No such thing as inexpensive Kluber grease...they are very proud of that stuff. In about 1990 I was on a project that specified a certain Kluber grease. It came in a tube less than 2" long and was about $150.00 at that time!