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info needed before I screw my Harig 612 up


Feb 19, 2023
I have the older Harig super 612 with 2 spindle bearings not 3, not so sure on installation of new bearings ,I think the face of the front bearing with the small land would go towards front (wheel) of spindle and would it be the same for the rear bearing (small land towards front) I think this because of where the wavy washer is located at the front (towards wheel) of the bearing so wavy washer then bearing then spanner nut, can't find any info on older 2 bearing models and my bearing knowledge is limited
Done, since spindle is so easy to remove and get to bearings ,I just flipped bearings around till there was no vibration only the sound of the motor whirring, and when pulling on hub there was .0002 movement and sprung right back to zero without turning spindle, so I guess I got lucky, after reassembly got a super test grind surface finish was around 16G,and flatness and parallelism was about .00005, very happy with my 600$ Harig


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