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Ingersoll-Rand air compressor is terrible & the service is even worse. DON'T BUY its junk


Mar 5, 2009
California, USA
Come on, this isn't rocket-science! Square-D has been making these since the beginning of time. For every full turn of the nut, on the long spring, changes the cutoff pressure 10 psi. Now how hard is that? Don't mess with the short spring unless you are a masochist!:) You could buy a couple of them for the price of the digital one. My 20 year old compressor has the original one and it's still working fine.

Now if going digital floats your boat then for a little over 200 bucks, Milton will gladly sell you a digital tire inflator that has an 0.05% accuracy rating, compressor is not included.:)
Had a big bad Square D box on my compressor. It would make the motor contacts chatter every time at cut-off pressure.
Was really good test for the motor. Now it's in a box...

First the wheel.
Then the cart.
Then the gas powered buggy.
Then the electric buggy.

Neanderthals who grew up with the wheel stay with the wheel. :drink:
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Ron Hofer

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Jul 7, 2007
Brookfield, WI
Sounds EXACTLY like the experience I had with a Generac generator. Even the local Generac dealer refused warranty work on it after 3 tries because he could not get any support from the factory. Gave up and bought a Honda.....
Don't want to hijack the thread, but the very mention of Generac makes my blood boil. 25 years ago, we got flooded--4 ft. in the basement.
We bought a Generac to keep our sump pump going, as well as much of the rest of the house. 7-8 years later, I happened to be in the basement when the power failed in a rainstorm. And the sump pump didn't turn on. Generac shows up and discovers that their original wiring did not include the sump pump. The tech tried to bill me for the fix,but I stared him down.


Feb 24, 2018
Greenfield, Mass
The I-R of today is so far removed from the I-R of 50 years ago it's unrecognizable.

As with many products, the air compressor stopped being a product long ago and is now an 'asset' within a company of bean counters and deal makers. It's the fault of the companies that make them but equally the people who buy them.
Even 50 years ago they were showing signs of this.
They have brought up companies that made high quality tools so they could have the brand name or the designs, then ran them into the ground to make a few bucks.