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Inside micrometer by Ambrose Shardlow & Co. Ltd.


Oct 25, 2002
Kansas City, Mo.
Inside Micrometer by Ambrose Shardlow & Co. Ltd. The company’s history goes back to 1869 when it was established as a general engineering and machine shop in Sheffield England. By 1900 they were known for making crank shafts for engines of all sorts. In 1917 they were called on by the British government to start making micrometers which were deemed critical for national defense. Prior to that most micrometers in use in the UK came from either the United States or Germany, the later being at war, hence not a reliable source. Shipments from the US were subject to U-boat attacks so that caused issues.

It is believed that Shardlow was using micrometers made by J. T. Slocomb Co. of Providence, RI. in their crankshaft work. When word came from the government to start making mics of British soil it was only natural to copy what had been working well for them. Shardlow copied the features of the internal nut Slocomb had patented in 1894. Shardlow openly stated this in their catalog but I don’t know if they licensed this from Slocomb or copied them with or without permission.

This type of inside micrometer with a range of 1/2” to 1-1/2” is of a rather convoluted design for reasons I do not know. This type was included in Buck & Hickman's 1958 & 1964 catalogues. It seems in the 1920s they made a simpler, single keyed spindle version much like the Brown & Sharpe.

Anyone have more information of catalog images of the these? Thanks.

A special thanks to Asquith for the information he provided.


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