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installed Igaging DRO's on my 1953 9A.


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as you know well the old SB's were not built using nice straight and square lines compatible to DRO installation, esp at the cross slide. I decided to go with the out-rigger method at the cross slide for 3 main reasons. if the scale is mounted next to the cross slide it blocks access to the gibb screws, it makes access to the compound lock screws even worse than it already is and it completely blocks the mounting holes for the follow rest. so out-rigger it is.

when I first put this together it was too heavy, so I decided to go nuts with the boring head.


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Is that cross slide mount just stuck on with a magnet?

Looks like it, but I have some of those magnets and you can just barely pull them off something. As long as you don't hit it, I'll bet it will stay right where it is.