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Installing a handlever collet closer on South Bend 9A


Dec 19, 2022
I recently purchased a handlever collet closer for my SB 9A, but I need to do some modification to install it.

Digging through some old threads, I found this technical note detailing what to do. If anyone has a higher quality version or additional notes I would appreciate it, the other threads linked to a site which seems to be dead.

Drilling and tapping a hole at "B" in the diagram seems straightforward, but I'm not quite sure about the pin at "E" that couples the attachment to the spindle.

Does the hole go all the way through the spindle and the pin is driven in a small amount to avoid interfering with the drawtube? If you don't drill all the way through, is there enough material to hold it in? Alternatively, I'm considering tapping the hole and putting something like a set screw that will stick out but can be removed when I don't have the collet closer on (if that's possible - other threads have mentioned how hard the spindle material is).

If anyone has pictures of how this was done from the factory I would appreciate it, or any pictures of how they did it themselves.