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Internal Dial Caliper (Spring caliper type)


Dec 4, 2010
McClure, PA 17059
Having to measure the height of a 1/4" slot is was suggested I get an Internal Dial Caliper. Type that is similar to a Starrett 274 without the spring and dial indicator in it's place.
I purchased one NIB and plastic bag it's direct reading 20mm to 40mm. Wanting inch I got a N.C.K in .375" to 1.375". It is used but looks new! In perfect condition. But the "hour" hand (little dial lower right when reading the face and characters are right side up. It's 1.00 to 0 in 180°
clockwise) starts a 1. with nothing in the caliper. Putting it in a 1.000 standard hole gauge the "hour" hand moves to slightly short of .6 so when measuring and "minute" hand adjusted to 0 readings must have .375" added.
Looking at other brands like Fowler and Mitutoyo they seem to have the exact same exact 1.000 travel dial indicator but have the "hour" hand graduated correctly in that it starts at 1.375 and ends at .375.
I'm wondering what the 2 set screws are for on the sides at about 4 and 8 o'clock. They are slotted and another brand has Philips.
I'm looking for one that reads direct but also thinking of modifying the one I have.