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Is 89 Mazak Slant-turn 40N ATC worth fixing?


Nov 19, 2023
Hi everyone, this is my first post on here and I'm looking for advice on behalf of my employer. We are in need of a medium-sized CNC lathe to go along with our 10" 1989 Wasino. The owner has been looking at newer used machines such as a Haas ST35. On the shop floor, we have an 1989 Mazak Slant-Turn 40N with an 80 tool ATC that hasn't been run for about 5 years due to several failures in a short period of time. I am trying to determine if it would be worth the money and time to try to resurrect it versus spending much more money on a newer lighter-duty machine. We do realize that, even if we can successfully get it back in operation, there would definitely be some "teething" problems for a while. We know going in that the machine needs an x-axis ball-screw and nut so, obviously, that is a fairly expensive repair. Other than the ball-screw issue, I know that the c-axis had a fair amount of backlash when used to mill flats. I never dug in to that issue to see if something just needs adjusted or if parts are worn out. Of course, the c-axis issue would not prevent it from being used solely for turning ops which is our most important need. This all assumes that we would be able to get the control system back to life due to losing all parameters when the backup batteries were allowed to run down. We do have the parameter sheets and manuals for the machine but I'm not sure how much help is out there for a machine of this vintage. Any knowledge or opinions would be appreciated.
Wellto bring back a relic a kerosene flush of the lube system is a good idea, change the belts out, check home and limit switches abd spray them with wd40 and get them un sticky. Might need to send the controller in to mazak if a battery change wont do it. And then you will need to iron out the original problems. If you can get parts