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Is a 5C collet Chuck what I need?


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Mar 27, 2005
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Having a lathe one can easily turn their own collet holder with it having a sizable through-hole. and a line-up mark to the same chuck jaw and on the line. This will run much truer than any catalog holder...and it can be tickled at a future time when the non-independent cuck gets a little more off.

Agree if your non-independent chuck runs close enough then a catalog collet holder is OK.
The best collets run .0002, and with them, .0005 to .001 can be a hassle because of other issues.
Making your own or a catalog version, having an Adjust True might be the answer if needing tenths.

When I made the backing plate adapter for my Hardinge I made it with a Set/Adjust-Tru feature. Even if I never end up needing to use it: better to have it and not need it than the opposite.


Jun 4, 2016
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My Whacheon has an A series spindle nose which makes it a pain to change a 12” chuck on. And then find an A series collet chuck that isn’t designed for a power drawbar. Some of the common ones (hardinge) have to be disassembled to get to the mounting bolts.

Otherwise you have to get / make an A series backplate and find a key operated chuck that mounts without interfering with the nose bolts.
I was addressing the OP who has a D1-6, but I'll just add 2 things, first, if you put up that gantry, well then it would be easier to swap out those 12" chucks wouldn't it? :D,

.. and if holding small diameters in a larger chuck is what you want to do, and don't already have the 5Cs and blocks, I'd get that strait shank ER 16 holder and collets. the cheaper sets would be fine given the runout you have with a scroll chuck to begin with, and the shorter ER 16 will grab shorter stuff without a back plug. the nut is nose mounted, so no need to dismount to swap out parts.... so if you say, just need to shorten 4 screws, pop them in a split bushing and in the ER collet... ok, ok... dammit, didn't know I needed it, now ive got to get that!!! :angry:

P.S. looking at the size ranges of the different ER collets, and considering I already have some ER 25s for the Flowdrill, think im going that route.
Maritool has an ER25 holder with a 1" straight shank for 73$... still blame you Gregsy..lol!
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