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Is sheet metal fabrication the best process for this product?


Sep 25, 2010
Vancouver Canada
I'm curious about the function here as 1/8 SS seems quite thick for the cross section. Perhaps the OP is going thick to get some strength but if there was another way to stiffen (close the ends?) it you could go potentially a lot thinner. I've been making odd sheet metal parts for about 15 years and I'm still routinely amazed at how thin you can go with a bit of optimization. Likewise, if you could get a little more of a straight section on the left edge of the part, it would make the press work simpler, as has been pointed out. I don't think going thinner will change how you'd make it really, but it would reduce your cost of goods quite a bit.
NB, if it could be aluminum, you could extrude it. As long as you needed a few hundred feet of parts in total, it would be pretty affordable I think.


Sep 14, 2022
Prototype I would make it in two halves and tig weld it together. But then again I don't know the end function. Looks like a soap dish for a shower. or some other kind of wall hanging bracket.