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Is there a market for an old 21" steady rest?


Jan 31, 2023
Independence, MN
I had, but after much consideration decided to scrap and move on from a LeBlond 21" Heavy Duty lathe. I know, I feel like I let all the old steam engine crowd down. I still have what may have been the original steady rest and I have no use for it. It weighs 65 pounds, is in decent shape and I think could be modified to some extent. Is there a place I could list this thing, and if so for what? I have looked on Ebay and prices vary from $100 to $1,500 so I really have no idea what the real market might be. Shipping won't be cheap either. Not looking to make much, I just want it gone for a bottom of the market price to someone who can use it. FYI I did replace the LeBlond with a slightly smaller Monarch but it was a intact machine and I should have that in service shortly. It came with a steady rest that fits.

Any advice or interest in the steady rest will be appreciated.


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I measured my lathe and my exiting steady. The steady I have can hold the same size or slightly larger work so I have to pass on yours. It sure looks like it will work on my monarch 16cw though.
It might help others to know the distance from the center of the Vee to the center of the flat spot for the ways.
After Rob's suggestion I added a few more photos to get a better determination of the size of this steady rest. Also, after further review I see it was probably not original with the machine. A plate was added for more height. Hopefully these additional photos make sense.


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