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Is there any interest in "old stock" U.S. made Nicholson files?


Aug 2, 2014
Semi correct one and all.....I do NOT have the files nor the blanks. They're owned by the guy I bought my lathe from. HE is the one who has them. He's in the process of clearing out the home he inherited from his parents. I texted him and told him there was a smattering of interest but he still has to inventory everything. That unfortunately is where it stands. I have absolutely NO clue what they're worth, what he'd ask for them or how many there are either complete or as blanks. The ball is in his court. IF he gets back to me I'll get back to you all. And NO.....I am NOT off on Ebay hawking them. I was simply reaching out on behalf of a friend. Nothing more. Nothing less. A few folks who expressed interest sent me their contact information and I'll reach out to them first and add to this post.