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Is this a good robot to practice/learn on? 1994 arcmate100


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As the title says.
I’ve found an 1994 arcmate 100 w/ additional 7th axis (for auxiliary rotary)
The pendant is a type A05b-2301-c302 WO N1034 1994 1B. The controller is a R-J Type A05B-2317-B001.
2000 (Ish) hours
Apparently it all works and it’s only a few grand. (No welder included)
I have zero robot experience. I am competent CNC programmer/seasoned machinist.

I would like to play around and learn robot programming and would like to know if this would be a good unit to learn on.
Ideally I could use it as a pick and place robot some day for milling machine tending. Possibly welding. Or possibly donate it to a local school as an inspiration project for the students.
No real aspirations to do great things with it in all honestly, just learn and have fun.

But is 1994 to old? How bad where they back then? Modern robots seem relatively user friendly( on YouTube!)

What’s all of your thoughts?


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