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Is this a Pacemaker?

Greg Menke

Feb 22, 2004
Baltimore, MD, USA
Not a late 30's machine but maybe early 1930's- the reinforced tailstock is much like the Pacemaker's. Its a later evolution of the High Duty design however the clutch lever arrangement, thread dial and headstock casting are more of a late '20's- note the few gits oilers around the quickchange box as well.

I've not seen these spindle bearings apart though- they are certainly not roller bearing but and not the classic bronze bushings, but some kind of pressure lubricated bushing system- note the presence of sight glasses and no drip oilers.

The machine looks in rather good shape, and the work lamp is correctly mounted (I fabbed up an old TV studio lamp in that location on my machine)- its a good spot providing a bunch of light right onto the work- and not hard to keep out of the way of the tailstock.