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Iscar Blade / Clamp for your Manchester


Aug 27, 2002
West Unity, Ohio
I was trolling around Google Images last year sometime, looking for sumpthing.... and I ran into a pic that stopped me [not dead yet] in my tracks.

"Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?"

So I followed that pic back upstream and found it on the ISCAR sight.

Then I pinged my ISCAR supplier and told them that I want one of these to try out!

It took for_ever to git* and then once I got it, I just hadn't had an application to try it out - since any of the holders that I use most of the time have already been switched out for ISCAR holders, but I still have some apps that I don't have a good replacement for, and today was one of those. This is my T1212 that is a cut-off holder that looks at my sub-spindle for cutting off close to the sub collet. Apparently not something that I have needed the last cpl of months...

So I dug it out and gave it a go, and all is well!

A) Tool Flo does NOT support the 2.25" blade and clamp.
They doo cover the 3" for whatever reason tho.
So, since the bulk of my holders are 2.25" and blade / clamp supply from Kenna was gitt'n hit and miss, I switched over to ISCAR over a year ago.

B) The same components here will work for both RH and LH apps, which saves on inventory for sure.

This will be quite the life saver if/when I dig an Acme back out and need cut-offs for that, as Screw Machines were the bread/butter for Manchester back-in-the-day as they made holders specifically for each app, and Acme's don't take "CNC" holders. So this will be able to keep those alive!

* I'm guessing that it wasn't actually released yet, and it was the middle of Wuhan, so ...


Think Snow Eh!


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