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ISO tool sharpening service


Jul 18, 2022
n/e TN
I've spent about a half hour searching topics and came up empty. I'm looking for a sharpening service that can sharpen about a dozen different countersinks for me that I recently picked up as part of a sale. Most are damaged or have been poorly sharpened (zero flute not included). I don't even know of it's feasible these days but if it's not too expensive, I'd like to have them done professionally. I can sharpen drill bits but, for me, countersinks need to be done right, have the right angle and leave a nice finish. Not interested in suggestions on how to sharpen them, just looking for the name of a good sharpening service I can contact to see if it's reasonable. TIA.


Larry Dickman

Jan 30, 2014
Temecula, Ca
i know of a place. Are they on the same hemisphere as you? Who knows?

fwiw, I've noticed lately the majority of posters have no location. I thought this was against the rules.