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Issues with Iscar DRO drill speeds and feeds


Apr 23, 2020
Hello all, new to the forum and my first Cnc machine(Haas VF-4SS) so please take it easy on me :). I hope this doesn't turn into the "Haas machine is your problem kind of post", just looking for some helpful info. Much appreciated for any helpful input in advance.

So, to the matter at hand- I have an Iscar .578 DIA DR0578-2894-075-05-5D-N (#3202575) with 1k thru spindle coolant that needs to be dialed in some more. We are using their SOGX 050204-AL(#5507937 IC08) inserts for drilling 6061-t6 (N22) and the SFM they list on the site for those inserts are 490-985 sfm. Which is a pretty large range and a good way to burn through inserts trying to find out. Then, I found more info under the actual tool page (click more info) and they list IPR between .005 and .010, which again is quite a large spectrum. We have done as suggested and narrowed it down to 6000rpm, 20 IPM, 909 SFM, .0033 IPR and have seen the best results with surface finish and keeping the same diameter hole, with the optimal chip shape they suggest for it.

Problem is, we are starting to see 1 long stringer as well as the small chips, so chips aren't getting broken as they should. I have tried swapping inserts to make sure the edges are fresh, and after about 10 holes, we see the stringers again. So clearly, there needs to be some optimization here. If anyone has used these with success, please let me know what you suggest looking at to change.

Thanks again for your help, hope you are all staying well.