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Japanese table vice


Jun 23, 2017
My friend found this in his father in laws shed when he was cleaning it out. I borrowed it to do a little assembly job, very well made. The cap head handle is a temporary fix so I could use it. Anyone know anything about these vices. Can't quite make out the logo. IMG_20231215_200448_MP.jpgIMG_20231215_200531_MP.jpg
In the spirit of procrastination I spent 20 minutes looking for Japanese or other patents without success. Google patents has other documents from different countries but the only Japanese document doesn't look like a vise patent and I'm not sure if it's actually a patent.
Most of those are labelled Oxwall, usually with a sticker. Older ones will have the rear disc/plate stamped Wester Wistlin or Whistling Western San Fran Ca or something like that.
this pos i got at aldis for $9.99 works well on the bandsaw:

sorry, cant get the mano out of there.


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It could probably be traced to the maker if you can translate the words on the side. Mad Ein Ja Pan. I think that is the ancient language of the Etruscans, so it probably was crafted in the area of Europe which predates the Italian culture by over 1000 years.