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Jig Borer questions


Dec 4, 2010
McClure, PA 17059
I'm kinda new to Jig Boring thought I have been using my Moores for quite a few years (at least 10) and like the accuracy. Digital readout on a mill will not even come close!
When I got my first Moore I was in need of tool holders since then I have acquired over 50 of them of different types like Jacobs chuck, Albrecht chuck and Boring heads as well as holders for size 3/16 to 1".
When needing the holders I found on ebay a quick change new holder set in a nice wooden box. Why quick change for Moore machines I have no idea! However it came with a holder that had a 1/2" Albrecht chuck mounted, It's J6 but solid holder. The others that came with the set all are unused but 2 piece. No hole so I assume they have to be machined to accept what ever is needed. But they are 2 piece and held together with 3 button hex head screws. Seem to be floating type holders, what might they be used for?