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jones shipman 1300 grinder manual / lubrication

Piotr Wojcik

Feb 1, 2023
I'm looking for jones shipman 1300 grinder user manual. I'm not sure what oil type should I use for grinder bed. That same type like spindles ? If some body have PDF version of instruciton I will be very gradefull. My email [email protected] Best reagards Piotr Wójcik
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No the spindle doesn't use the same oil as the bed. There's typically THREE oils on the grinder. The spindle takes light weight spindle oil. The way lube pump, uses way lube. and the Hydraulics in the base, which also oils the table uses a hydraulic oil.

I can give specific brands that I use, but you appear to be in a different country than the USA, and our oils may not be available there.
Brian@VersaMil Do you know some specs on these grinders? (Jones Shipman 1314 specifically)