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Jones & Shipman 540 Valve Block


Jul 12, 2022
Hi everyone! I'm new here - located all the way down in South Africa.

I'm hoping that I can get some old machines back up and running with some assistance from this forum.

The first machine in question is a Jones and Shipman 540 surface grinder. We acquired it roughly 3 years ago, knowing very little about it. After watching some videos online, we were able to run it to see that everything was functioning as it should. Thereafter, the machine was not used. Somewhere in the interim it was moved to a new location, where we made sure to move it correctly. It was only until recently that we decided to wire the old 540 up - Let the story begin?

Step 1 was seeing to the oil. The window on the tank was registering no oil - so instead of just topping it up, we pulled the tank and gave it a good clean. Having removed all the gunk, we refitted everything, threw in some fresh oil and got ready to fire it up. I only just wish it was as simple as that!

The table now only traverses in one direction, regardless of the position of the lever. After some internet research, it suggested that it may be a stuck piston - caused by using the machine and then letting it stand for a long period of time. (I'm sure also made worse by dirty oil). So the tear down began, to gain access to the valve block, and this is where I seem to be stuck! Am I missing something small to remove this valve block? Or is there still a fair bit of disassembly that needs to happen? Please see pics below :)

Any help/ advice/ input will be appreciated.


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Sep 25, 2011
Garbsen, Germany
Is it possible that when you removed and replaced the oil tank, you reversed the two hoses going up to the saddle? J&S 540 experts, would this result in the symptoms reported?
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