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Jones Shipman under review: issues


Aug 29, 2021

I am in Switzerland and I bought this Jones Shipman 540 plane grinder from a machine tool overhaul shop which closed following the death of the boss, it was being overhauled and seemed finished as it is repainted and only electricity seemed to stay plugged in.


With the transport she lost some oil and I made the supplement (3Litres) with VG46 with a little bit of oil to dilute it.
I am counting on doing a complete oil change and leaving with new oil once I have confirmed that it is working properly.

When I put it on, nothing moves, if I force the cylinder rod a little, it advances to the right in spurts, but it does not come back to the left, I have to force my hand a lot to do so. come back, video:

Jones Shipman 540 problems - YouTube

The cylinder bars are slightly twisted during disassembly, irregularly, so they can rub on the outlet joints, and if I turn the whole thing in a different way, can it only come from there?

It would seem surprising to me that these simple friction on the joints block the machine because the table is not even fixed, so you would have to add its weight + the weight of the magnetic table + the weight of the part in a working situation ...

I re-sealed this set with standard metric gaskets from my stock.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-29 at 12.09.17 (1).jpg

I've untwisted the cylinder bars as eye-catching as possible and I'm thinking of pliers on the lathe, see buying 3/8 ground bar and threading the ends (and going from BSF to BSW).

Best regards.


Sep 25, 2011
Garbsen, Germany
The oil pump in the base has two tubes that come out and go up to the top. One is the input and the other is the output to the pump. They have identical connectors. Is it possible that those two tubes were switched at some point?

Richard King

Jul 12, 2005
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
I just watched the video and it sounds as if you have the pump motor running backwards. Switch 2 leads of the wire on the motor or the electric box.
The pump should be making a Hummmminnnngggg sound. Try to bleed the air in the system. Jerking usually means air. Look inside the oil tank, the oils hould be clear. If it is milky white then the tank filter (strainer) may have moved up above the top level. If the filter is OK, then the pump is sucking air somehow.

Mark Rand

Jul 9, 2007
UK Rugby Warwickshire
It's definitely the pump running backwards or the pipes connected the wrong way around. When the table moves to the right the handle of the direction control lever should be pointing to the right. This is so that when the dogs on the bar at the front of the table hit the front part of the lever, they change its direction. That's how the table is moved from side to side automatically.

Which way does the main spindle turn? It should rotate so that the sparks from the bottom of the grinding wheel travel to the left as you look at the machine.