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Jones & Shipmn 1400AP?


Sep 29, 2023
Hello everyone,

I just bought a Jones and Shipman 1400AP I bellevie. It is in great condition, but I have a few questions and was hopping someone with more experience on these machine could help me out.

-Finding out exaclty what kind of model/variation it is, I have been talking to Adam at DF Precision Machiney, and he has been super helpfull. We have come to the conclusion that it is a AP variant built around the 80´s, but anybody can chip in sujestions on what it is exaclty. The problem is the serial number plate is blank, and I really don´t want to remove the paint on the bed to get to the serial. I am ocnsidering having it x-rayed to see if I can get the serial without removing the paint.

- My machine came without the oil cooler, I have a manual that mentions it, but I am sure the manual I have is not for the exact variation of my machine. If anybody coudl send pictures of their machines with the hydraulic cooler and where the lines go, that woudl be very helpfull.

- Someone has been inside the eletrical cabibent, and has been messing the wiring of the machie, if anybody has the correct wiring diagram for my machine and could share it, that would be great as I intend to re-wire the hole machine.

I attached some picture and if anyone needs any more pictures let me know.

Thnaks for the help everyone.


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Send some pictures to Jones and Shipman, though I am well aware the older guys have all gone, someone may be able to help.
Failing that, try Andmar who still rebuild them. The guy who helped me worked at J and S since leaving school, then went to Andmar, but I think he has gone now. Man by the name of Mick Holland.