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K&T planer mill


Hot Rolled
Feb 12, 2020
McKean is a great dealer. I stop in when ever I am in Cleveland. Good people to deal with, the owner is a pleasure to buy from.

Ohio Mike

Oct 30, 2008
Central Ohio, USA
Pretty cool machine. I haven't seen it in person but would like to. Wish we had the serial to look it up. I saw another K&T planer type bed mill some years back at Industrial Machinery in Columbus. That one was more like a Rockford open side machine as I recall. I was sure I took some pictures of that one but I can't find them. As I recall that one was one of two produced in the lot. K&T did quite a few custom machines in the day.


Jan 25, 2005
Victoria, Texas, USA
K & T also made simplex and duplex bed mills I'm sure were based off the same as this one was made. Did a proposal many moons ago to take a duplex mill and mount milling heads to mill segments for rock bits assemblies. Never did happen. Customer wanted a NC milling machine instead.


Mar 16, 2009
Eureka, CA
I think that's a real cool machine...useful too. If I weren't a fossil with a dinky shop and absolutely no need for it, I'd beat Mr. SIP6A to Ohio and snap it up.

The slo-mo spindle speed is sort of a killer though.



May 1, 2009
wis usa
That machine was used to cut t-slots in K&T tables.It was built, I believe,just prior to WW2.Kearney&Trecker built a series of small planer mills to process their tables.They were in service until 1980 when all standard machine production stopped.
I was working in the next bay from the table department (035)in 1979.At that time they were running TF and S series tables.
In 1986 I was working in the rebuilding division.They had one of the bridge mills from the table department.It had two vertical milling heads on the rail and one horizontal head on each side ,mounted on the columns.
It was originally used to mill the dovetails on the bottom of the tables.
The horizontal heads milled the font and back faces and cut the auto-cycle t-slots.
It was a nice machine to run,but its work envelope was small, due to the purpose-built nature of its design.