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Kao Ming K40-S Universal T&C grinder - $2000


May 30, 2017
Here is a used universal tool and cutter grinder.

The good: it has *very little* wear. It has mostly sat since being bought, and I came into possession when the owner passed away and his family sold his shop. I bought this among some other tools. Given what this came with in terms of fixtures, I don't think he ever ran it. it still had shipping/packing grease in the table ways, and most importantly, effectively no grinding dust.

The motor is 3/4HP and runs very quiet. Spindle is good and solid, no runout, no vibration.

The Bad: it seems (according to sopko) that the taper on this spindle is a weird one. 18deg 59'. it's very close to 4 inch / foot, but not quite. I have taken a standard shars wheel holder and bored them out to fit - there is one original wheel holder and 4 shars ones that I have turned. I've also turned an extension so the machine can be used for light surface grinding.

I like the machine - I've used it for necking down end mills, sawing off carbide blanks, and some surface grinding. However, for my purposes it takes up too much room in my shop for the amount of use it gets.

It comes with a 6x12 import mag chuck, and some centers for OD grinding.

I also have an incomplete weldon air bearing fixture ($300) and a harig step tool relief grinding fixture ($300) that I would sell with it.

I haven't been able to find a universal work head for a grinder, but my standard process is to use an adjustable dividing head mounted on the mag chuck.

When I got it, it was wired up for 3phase power and had giant electrical cabinet for switching some accessories which were not present. e.g. coolant pump, dust collector, and motorized work head. I removed that cabinet and substituted a simple enclosure for a VFD. In many ways, it is nicer to have the VFD to be able to reverse and vary speed. As a result, it will now run on 220v single phase. Because it is only 3/4hp, you could actually get a 120v single phase VFD with a step up transformer.

Its currently on a pallet, and I can deliver it within the greater Denver area. Otherwise, I can arrange for Uship or something similar.

Kao Ming tool and cutter grinder - Album on Imgur

I'm located in Boulder County, CO.