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Karalloy E-Z welding stick rods equivalent?


Cast Iron
Jul 2, 2008
Metro Detroit, MI
This is a borderline hobby welding question. This is for non critical welding.

At a local farm estate auction I bought a lot of stick welding rods. I did not bother to open up any of the containers to read the rod codes, just lifted them up to get a feel for the weight of the remaining rods. The containers are labeled Karralloy E-Z Weld by Kar Products out of IL. Kar appears to have been in businees from the '70s to 2000+. The rods are in marigold/safety yellow colored containers and the rods do not have an AWS code. They list AC or DC with a tensile of "up to" 83K or 85Kpsi (depending on the package) instead of a min tensile. I've burned a few of these rods and they seem like more like a 7014 instead of a 6011. Anyone else know of these rods and their AWS equivalents?
Every welding filler company had the equivalent of Supermissilerod. There is no AWS number because the rod doesn't meet any AWS specs. There are a large number of important filler metals produced by very serious companies which fill needs that are not contemplated by any of the AWS codes. You are surrounded by several such companies there in Detroit, such as Eureka, Weld Mold, Crown, and others.

If the rods are a stainless modified for welding unknown or high strength steels, the bead will be a shiny stainless looking weld. After welding the flux is often black and can be removed easily, and will "scorpion tail" or self peel if it isn't trapped. The "up to" tensile strength spec is because the alloying from mixing with the base metal can significantly change the strength. If you are not sure of the stainless part, pad a few beads then try to cut through the beads with a O/A torch.

As jk mentioned, if they are indeed a weldall type rod they are pricey new.
Thank you both for your replies.

I do not think these rods are stainless - the bead does not look stainless. Within a few days the weld part with the untreated weld beads will be outside so I will watch to see if it starts rusting. On the packaging there is verbiage along the line that the rods are ideal for mild steel.