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Keyence Hand-Held Probe CMM vs Mitutoyo CNC Probe CMM - SETUP


Nov 16, 2020
We had been planning to purchase a probe based CMM later next year, then after some initial demos are strongly considering the newer keyence XM hand-held CMM. The technology looks very promising but is still not fully mature in my eyes. We saw that the operator can have a large influence on what the keyence reads. The upside to the keyence is the ease-of-use, quick measurements, ability to have a lesser-skilled operator run it (which could in turn also lead to lesser skilled and more operator-influenced results. The VR / AR is impressive and I could see it be a big help for operators. Also the reports it generates that includes screenshots of each measurement overlayed in the VR/AR interface. Overall very pretty interface.

After getting down deep into it, we found that we had some inconsistencies on the test part we ran - I do not totally trust the Keyence at this point, the operator just seems to have a more significant effect than advertised.

I am also in parallel looking at a Mitutoyo CNC Probe CMM coming stock with MCOSMOS, potentially upgrading to Polyworks - I demo'ed their software and was very impressed - looks much more refined than the old-school PCDMIS stuff. There would be more setup time here, but we would have much better results.

Anyone want to throw in their .02 on their experience with either type of system? Do we chance going with the "easier" but undeveloped technology? Or go with the tried-and-true system that may just have a bit larger learning curve? Also will have the additional software / maintenance cost with the probe. I think it would be harder to argue against the CNC Probe :)

Curious to hear opinions ;)

D Nelson

Jan 7, 2015
Missouri Ida
We have keyence coming here tomorrow we have the system here now will know more tomorrow on how it works

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