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Kingston HD lathe steady rest bushings W/Pics


Nov 14, 2012
Illinois, USA
I decided to make up some brass bushings for the steady rest on our Kingston 22X90 lathe today. It comes standard with the rolllers you can see in one of the pics. In an effort to decrease the capacity of the steady for some smaller work coming up and to dampen some of the vibrations associated with using the steady during finishing some simple brass caps were made. The caps snugly fit over the roller fingers without modification and remove easily by retracting the fingers into the steady to push off the caps. Material is half hard brass round 2.25" dia, area contacting shaft is 1.850". They seem to work well as long as the contact area is machined smooth and true.


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    kingston steady rest bushings.jpg
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Put a little divot in the working surface and apply some extreme pressure lube (differential fluid with sulfur) Those buttons will work even better! ;-)

On some work, I've wrapped the workpiece with oil soaked leather belting, and then brought the supports up to bear on the leather. That really dampens any vibration, and the leather acts as an oil reservior. Great for mounting finished shafts that need work on the ends. Absolutely non maring!
Roll type emery cloth ( water/oil proof ) wrapped smooth side against part and emery side to steady jaws and the end clamped in the steady rest at the split works well with some oil for lube. I use a course grade as it has a thicker backing.