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Kitamura Pallet changer arm position adjustment?


Jan 11, 2017
Hello Guys,

Is there anyone that knows what is involved to adjust the position of the pallet changer arm of a Kitamura spark changer?
Machine has Fanuc 16i-m control.

The machine still pallet change relatively smoothly , but I would say we are at the limit , more than that could call for some damage as table and pallect changer arm are not aligned very well.

I would think this is just a parameter change , but I could be very well wrong!

Any answer is much appreciated!

Thank you guys!

Milling man

Cast Iron
Aug 6, 2021
Moscow, Russia
Considering that the CNC model is Fanuc 16i, I think that this is a rather old machine. It is unlikely that there is any parameter for adjusting the position of the pallet changer. Rather, this "parameter" is an adjusting bolt)))) Send a photo of your machine and a pallet changer. Most likely, the adjustment there is quite simple.