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Kodak Model II A Optical Comparator w/ Autocomp I Digital Readout, Manuals needed


Hot Rolled
Sep 15, 2010
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Hi guys;
I just forked a Kodak Comparator into the shop.
I never had one before and I am quite pleased with it already.
I do need manuals if they can be had, and the DRO has several functions, I believe it can compute various geometries to find points, arcs and so on...
But I am totally un-familiar with the symbols on a comparator DRO...
It all old. 985# on the pallet. 10X through 100X magnification...
I looked for a couple years for one, and even though this one is old, the features were great.
I have have always chosen the old Cadillacs over the new Yugo's...
But even if you don't have a manual, maybe you could explain the functions of the DRO? I would want to think they largely had the same functions..
And it appears like I might be able to use some parts for the comparator, two of the lenses are missing, but I still am good on 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X...
Although the 100X is dark, it is still valid.

That on the screen is a valve stem, it was very easy to verify the keeper groove is a 1MM radius... live job, I have to groove up some valves for a twin-turbo that are better quality than can be had for the engine. [

Ok, just spent a couple hours with it, I have yet to completely solve the DRO but I can do point-to-point, line point to point and angle, locate the radius and center of an arc...
The overhead light is not working, bulb is good... has a noisy fan.
I can see right off this was a good idea.

Thanks again!


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